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ADS(Advanced Defibrillator Simulator)-Ver 2.0

Category: ECG Simulator


Advanced Defibrillator Simulator is a simulator developed by Synthesis Simulation Technologies for providing high quality training to medical professionals including doctors and nurses in managing and handling the cardiac emergency situations. In this machine, we use a tablet with preinstalled Defibrillator software as the display unit. This unit is wirelessly connected to a mobile phone with preinstalled simulator software and this mobile phone will be functioning as a simulator. Students will be able to get a real-time experience with this machine during their course of training.

Why we need ADS

Presently, manual defibrillators along with rhythm generating simulators are being used for conducting various training including AHA’s ACLS and PALS. This conventional system has so many drawbacks like:

a.    Chance of getting high voltage electric shock to the students during training,

b.   Limited number of scenarios in the simulator,

c.    The Manual defibrillator has limited number of shocks in its life time,

d.   Cost of the manual defibrillator is very high,

e.    Difficult to carry to training locations.

Features of ADS:


The Advanced Defibrillator is an ideal machine for conducting training to medical fraternity. Some of the features are: -


a)    Eliminates the need for an expensive real defibrillator, electric connection and connecting a rhythm generator,

b)   19 Pre-set cardiac rhythms,

c)    Android based software is used in this machine.

d)   Operated remotely via mobile phone.

e)    Instructor can adjust all vitals using a mobile phone,

f)     True clinical simulation for cardiac emergency situations,

g)    Can be used in mannequin or human volunteer for real time training,

h)   PACER Function,

i)     Synchronized Cardio version,

j)     AED Mode,

k)   Twenty pre-set scenarios with an option to add or edit hundred additional scenarios,

l)     Ideal for conducting AHA courses like BLS, ACLS, PALS.



a.    No fear of electric shock,

b.   Because of wireless simulator, the instructor can control the scenario from anywhere in the class room,

c.    Control all ADS Machine with one simulator,

d.   Real time simulation experience to the students,

e.    No need of ECG simulator for using in mannequin,

f.     Economical for international Training Centres for conducting AHA courses,

g.    Easy to carry. 


·           Tablet with preinstalled ADS Software,

·           Mobile Phone with Simulator Software,

·           Adjustable Adult & Infant paddles,

·           ECG Cable

·           AED Training Pads